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Critique Post/Permission Meme

HMD post for Clarice. If something seems off about her just make a comment here and I'll do my best to improve on it. This can also be used as a plot post.

For now all comments won't be screened and anonymous commenting will be on.


And because I'm too big of lazy ass to make a new post here be a Permission Meme for Clarice, just follow the cut. /o/~~~

Cut Goes HereCollapse )
Um. I'm sorry...but I'm going to have for someone's help again.

If someone could come as soon as possible?

Really, I don't like the taste of blood.

((first strike is gone and the second strike is so very much hackable /o/!!! *ends spamming you all*))
Ah? It's not a requirement to go is it?

accidental voice post


.......This can't be...no this isn't good...

((ooc: backdated backdated backdated~ :3))
Um. I...

...I found a dungbomb in my bag.....does it belong to anybody?

It kind of